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Dr. Brian MacIsaac MEd, PhD, RCT-C

Dr. Brian MacIsaac M.Ed, Ph.D., RCT-C

Brian is a member of the Nova Scotia College of Counseling Therapists. Brian’s experience and training allow our clinic to work with corporate clients, government agencies, children, adolescents, adults, and families. Brian has advanced training and experience with the identification and treatment of emotional behavioural disorders, the development and provision of corporate educational/skill-based professional development, and key-person consultation.

Ms. Corinne Sampson MSW, RSW

Ms. Corinne Sampson MSW, RSW

Corinne has been a registered Social Worker within the province of Nova Scotia since 1998 and been involved in private practice since 2006. She has worked primarily within the Emergency Room/Crisis service, community-based agencies, clinics, programs, and institutions in a variety of counseling roles. She has comprehensive experience in assessment/evaluation. Corinne has worked at the provincial level as a Hyde Trainer, SRAI Trainer, and in the education of physicians.

Areas of Expertise (Child-Adults, Couples, Family, Corporations)

Approach – Cognitive/Dialectical focus on the client/organization. Disability Assessment/Management that provides best practice assessment and reporting. National level experience in providing timely services to corporations.

Mental Health and Addictions

  • Bio-psychosocial and comprehensive psychiatric treatment/assessments

  • Assessment (DSM-5) treatment protocols and co-morbidity of many mental health issues (Anxiety/Depression, ADHD, Personality, Eating Disorders, Grief, Autism, Oppositional, Conduct Disorders, Self-harm)

Disability AssessmentManagement

  • Functional Ability Evaluation/Independent Multi-Dimensional Assessment/Evaluation; Occupational/Vocational Assessment, and Return to Work

  • Trauma, Critical Incident Stress/Debriefing, PostTraumatic Stress Disorders, FirstResponders, Chronic Pain, and Substance Use Assessments

File Review & Key Person Consultation

  • Key-Person Advice to Human Resources/Legal Associates/Corporate Officers

  • Workplace Investigation/Conflict Mediation

  • Specialty training and experience in riskassessment for the court-ordered/Nova Scotia Department of Justice/ChildProtection/First Nations

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